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A company started by musicians, for musicians, Oktober Guitars is on the cutting edge of today’s market.

Oktober Guitars understands what musicians need from their instruments. They design and develop innovative products that support artistic creativity and expression. Founder and head luthier Tony Leicht was born into a musical family and began his lifelong relationship with guitars at an early age. His father was a sought-after session player in New York and Nashville, so guitars were always within reach.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Leicht also spent many years as a touring musician. “I needed a guitar that I could rely on night after night,” he says, “but I couldn’t afford the high prices and questionable quality from some of the major manufacturers. Mid-level guitars just couldn’t handle the rigors of the road. I’ve literally played every guitar and bass under the sun. Some were handcrafted masterpieces and some were Japanese workhorses. To me, they could all be improved in some way.” Hence the beginning of his journey as a luthier.

For 23 years, Leicht has been building and working on guitars. His clientele ranges from entry-level players to world-renowned artists, including NWOBHM titans Raven and Canadian thrashers Anvil. “Being a working musician has provided me with insight into what players want, and more importantly, what they need,” he says. “I’m not focused on being a businessman. I’m focused on offering a guitar that is 100 percent the total package: tone, feel, playability, looks and reliability. The celebrity artists we work with could play any guitars in the world, but they choose ours. That says something.”

Oktober Guitars offers both USA custom shop designs and a high-end import line. Featuring premium ebony fretboards, mother-of-pearl inlays, superb fretwork and bound necks, the imports are crafted to the same specifications as the custom-made instruments.

“Not everyone can afford a custom shop guitar,” says Leicht, “so we developed a reasonably priced import line. The models are manufactured exactly to my standards and outshine all other guitars in their price range. My dad told me years ago, ‘Good guitars ain’t cheap, and cheap guitars ain’t good.’ But there should be a middle ground where the customer can get a high-quality guitar at a reasonable price. That’s what Oktober offers.”

Whether you’re a newcomer to the instrument, a veteran touring musician, or somewhere in between, Oktober Guitars will stand out above all other brands. “I’m not interested in offering a guitar to a musician if it isn’t a superior instrument,” says Leicht. “Musicians need to focus on their music and their performances. They cannot be hindered by instruments that don’t offer everything they need.”

Come see why legendary artists choose Oktober Guitars.